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In the flexible packaging industry, Stand up Pouches are one of the go-to packaging types. It has great shelf display ability and they are extremely easy to pack. The bags can be used in wide range of fields, in various shapes, in extensive collection of sizes and colors which provides many great options for custom packaging design. The pouches are made with a bottom gusset, giving it self-standing strength.


- Liquid products (water, juice, milk)

- Paste products (mayonnaise, ketchup, sour-cream, jam, condensed milk)

- Granule products (grains, spices)

- Cleaning and cosmetic products (soap, shampoo, lotions)

- Household chemicals (detergents, freshener for cloths)

- Ready-made meals (salads, soups, smoked products)

- Semi-finished products (dumplings, meatballs, cutlets)

- Meat and seafood products

- Pet food packaging

The pouches can be produced with Zipper and one-way degassing valve for one of the most effective flexible packaging solutions. The standing pouches are made from the best possible barrier materials, giving the products superior shelf life or they can be made clear with excellent visibility of the product inside.